Muscle Car Servicing

For superior performance & service, trust the muscle car experts

Just as you wouldn't trust a GP to perform brain surgery, nor should you expect a general mechanical repairer to know how to service, enhance and repair your high performance motor vehicle. If you are looking for all round superior looks and engine performance from your muscle car, look no further than JMACCH PERFORMANCE.

With more than 30 year’s hands on experience in high performance street cars, John Macchione has what it takes to care for your muscle car like no other. Beginning with a consultation to learn about your goals, priorities and budget, John and his team will then assess your classic or modified street car and recommend the best solution to suit your needs, your wants and your car.

No muscle car challenge too great, no job too small

JMACCH PERFORMANCE has the expertise and specialised in-house equipment to:

  • Build and/or customise body or engine parts to enhance or modify your muscle car’s looks and/or performance
  • Fix minor to major problems with your muscle car’s motor or engine components including exhaust, suspension, steering and braking
  • Restore your classic car or modify any part of your high performance street car to make it look and perform just the way you want it to
  • Optimise your long term driving pleasure and power output with reliable and durable parts and components that are 100% compatible
  • Educate you on how to get the very best from your muscle car, saving you money in the long run and enhancing the long-term performance of your vehicle for the ultimate driving experience.

We also offer a complimentary drop off/pick up service and free roadside assistance to all customers*.

From high performance brake and steering systems, muscle car exhaust and cooling systems, to state-of-the-art muscle car engine diagnostics and tuning to performance car engine rebuilds and enhancements, JMACCH PERFORMANCE will look after every aspect of your pride and joy’s performance and driver experience like no other.

* Full terms and conditions – contact JMacch Performance