Exhaust Systems

Exhausts systems that get the balance right...

between the WOW factor and the performance factor

The right exhaust system can have a dramatic effect on the performance output of your muscle car, significantly add to its WOW factor and greatly improve your overall driving experience.

At JMACCH PERFORMANCE we assess the following key aspects of your muscle car’s exhaust pipe system:

  • The diameter of your exhaust primary pipes should be matched to the power output of the motor for optimum exhaust velocity. Without the optimum exhaust velocity, residual exhaust gasses will be left in the cylinder on the induction stroke resulting in low performance, higher fuel consumption and the potential for pinging and engine blow-up or header breakage when the engine at full throttle.
  • Ground clearance and aerodynamic performance - At JMACCH PERFORMANCE we not only consider the right size exhaust pipes, but also aspects such as ground clearance for drivability and air-drag under the car. Too much air-drag can diminish your muscle car’s aerodynamics while lack of ground clearance can cause damage to your exhaust system.
  • WOW factor – There’s nothing like a flawless shiny exhaust system on a muscle car! We fit a wide variety of exhaust systems to suit your budget, optimise performance and deliver the look you’re after.
  • The driving experience - A high flow exhaust system that is compatible to your engine output will produce a ‘nice note’ sound output without creating any noise pollution issues.

Exhaust pipe system material options

At JMACCH PERFORMANCE we have exhaust pipe systems to suit every taste and every budget.

  • Mild-Steel exhaust system – our most economical option sacrifices neither good looks nor performance output.
  • Stainless Steel exhaust system – for the ultimate WOW factor and durability you can’t beat the flawless shiny silver finish of stainless steel. As well as looking impressive, stainless steel is also highly durable with no chance of internal rust build-up or corrosion. As a result, stainless steel exhaust systems aren't prone to turbulent airflow problems.