Engine Management Systems

Muscle car Engine Management Systems for optimal power, torque and fuel economy

An Engine Management System is designed to optimise the power and torque extracted from the motor of your high performance car. Provided the right Engine Management System is fitted to your muscle car, it will deliver optimal power and torque output, better fuel economy and improve your overall driving experience.

The team at JMACCH PERFORMANCE can advise you on the best Engine Management System option to suit your high performance motor vehicle. We supply, install, tune and calibrate a wide range of Engine Management Systems to suit a variety of classic and muscle car makes and models, including older and late model cars.

A few of the main brands we supply, install and tune are:
Haltech – Electronic Control Units
MoTeC – Engine Management System

US magazines ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘Turbo’ have acknowledged Haltech as the first company in the world to develop engine management systems programmable in real time (with the engine running) by personal computers.

Haltech Electronic Control Units are suitable to control:

  • Throttle body systems,
  • Multi-point or staged injection systems,
  • Distributor or direct ignition systems,
  • Naturally aspirated engines,
  • Turbo engines 
  • Supercharged engines.

MoTeC – Engine Management System

MoTeC has developed a range of advanced Engine Management Systems designed to cater for all types of users. Whether you are running a muscle car, touring car, rally car or formula car, MoTeC has an Engine Management System to suit any application and budget.

All MoTeC Engine Management Systems are fully configurable, allowing them to be programmed to suit all types of engines including 2 stroke, 4 stroke and rotary.

Engine Management Systems suited to more recent car models include:

  • VCM Suite (tuning software) for late model Fords and Holdens
  • XR6 turbo
  • XR8
  • Holdens: LS1, LS2, LS3 engines
  • OBD-II

Chat with John or a member of the JMACCH PERFORMANCE team about whether or not an Engine Management System is suitable for your muscle car and if so, which brand will provide you with the best long-term results based on what you want to achieve.