Engine Builds

Custom engine builds for superior muscle car performance

At JMACCH PERFORMANCE we believe in doing things once and doing it right the first time. This not only saves our clients money in the long run but also enhances engine performance for the ultimate muscle car driving experience.

Experience counts when it comes to muscle car engine rebuilds

Whether you’re looking for added grunt from your muscle car engine or need your engine to be ready to dazzle on the racetrack or drag strip, we’ve got what you need and more.

Our dedicated engine assembly room is fitted out with all the latest specialist tools and equipment for complete muscle car engine builds. And our expert mechanical engineers not only share your passion but also possess the specialist skills needed to get the job done right the first time.

Why would you need an engine build?

There are many reasons you may need a new engine build other than simply for optimal engine performance. For instance, an engine build may be warranted if your car is using too much oil, blowing smoke or your engine is simply tired or excessively noisy.

At JMACCH PERFORMANCE our extensive knowledge of the parts and processes needed for muscle cars of various makes, models and engine horsepower capacities allows us to select and apply the right parts and engine components for your car. The result is maximum durability, fuel economy and optimum performance both on and off the racetrack.