Dyno Tuning & Diagnostics

Trust JMACCH PERFORMANCE for optimal muscle car engine performance

At JMACCH PERFORMANCE we use the most advanced AWD DYNO performance engine tuning systems available in the world today to enhance and optimise the performance of your muscle car engine.

Performance tuning is available for any brand of engine management systems including:

  • Holley & B.G.Carburettors
  • MoteC
  • Haltech

Featuring the very latest in hardware and Windows software technology, the multitasking AWD Dyno system has innovative vehicle testing concepts, advanced on-screen graphics, and performance plus characteristics.

The AWD Dyno system is packed with a host of essential standard features that are only available as hidden options on other well-known Dynamometer systems. It offers the ability to:

  • Log the dyno run utilising power graphs,
  • Record and test torque, tractive effort and air temperature,
  • Boost pressure and vacuum,
  • Allow real-load diagnosis.

If appropriate to the diagnosis during testing we will also monitor, analyze and (if necessary) control:

  • Exhaust gas temperature,
  • Oxygen ratios,
  • Air/fuel ratio,
  • Exhaust back pressure,
  • Air flow, 
  • Waterand oil in/out temperatures.