Cooling Systems

Cooling systems for muscle car oomph without the risk of overheating

Muscle cars and high performance engines generate more power and torque than conventional motor vehicles. As a result, they also produce a significant amount of heat. Reliable and optimal functioning of your motor vehicle’s cooling system is essential to protect your high performance engine from costly damage and keeping it performing at its very best.

At JMACCH PERFORMANCE, we always consider the big picture

Some people assume that if the radiator in their older model muscle or classic car is working fine, why bother replacing or altering it? The fact is; when it comes to high performance muscle cars, it’s important to ensure compatibility between parts. For instance, we often see older model cars, including classic muscle cars, that have had engine rebuilds and/or power performance upgrades without the original radiator being replaced. This puts the new or upgraded engine at risk of overheating because older radiator systems simply cannot cope with the extra heat output generated by more powerful and later model engines. That’s why at JMACCH PERFORMANCE we always look at the bigger picture as opposed to single issues in isolation.

Regular cooling system services

If you have an older radiator in your muscle car or the car sits idle for long periods of time, your radiator may be at risk of rust accumulation. This can lead to more significant and costly problems as a result of rust debris flowing through the engine when it is running, which can potentially create blockages in the engine and diminish the functioning of the radiator. To prevent this from occurring, we recommend a coolant flush be done every two years.